Student`s Levels

I am accepting students of 3.5+ years of age to my studio. To be 100% successful at learning to play the cello you need 5% ability and 95% hard work. You will need to practice and listen to the assigned music every day, while attending private weekly lessons and occasional group classes.


At this level, I teach steps that will build the necessary skills to be able to hold the bow, take the bow to the string and play with the bow on the string. The students will learn physical skills such as, focus, memory, perception, concentration, logic, and sensitivity. All these skills are developed through songs until they learn to play The Twinkle Theme and the 5 variations. At this point, they are ready to begin Suzuki Book 1.

Students and Parents need to be patient and spend time together through this level. Students will practice what they have learnt during the lessons.

Levels Divisions

The books are grouped into the following categories; beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

• Beginning: books 1-3

• Intermediate: books 4-6

• Advanced: books 7-10

Within each of these groups, I think the books represent a beginning, intermediate, and advanced level as well. For example:

Beginning: books 1-3:

o Beginning: book 1

o Intermediate: book 2

o Advanced: book 3

Intermediate: books 4-6:

o Beginning: book 4

o Intermediate: book 5

o Advanced: book 6

Advanced: books 7-10:

o Beginning: book 7

o Intermediate: book 8

o Advanced: books 9 and 10